Three years ago, presidential candidate field thins

Early 2016 primaries and caucuses three years ago beginning February 1, 2016, prompted a wave of candidates to withdraw from the presidential election that month.
From February 1 through February 20, seven Republicans and one Democrat dropped out of the presidential race. Below is a look at the timeline of the early 2016 primaries and caucuses, and the candidates who dropped out of the race in their aftermath.
February 1, 2016: Iowa caucuses
Winners: Clinton (D), Cruz (R)
Dropped out:
Martin O’Malley (D)
Mike Huckabee (R)
Rand Paul (R)
Rick Santorum (R)
February 9, 2016: New Hampshire primaries
Winners: Sanders (D), Trump (R)
Dropped out:
Chris Christie (R)
Carly Fiorina (R)
Jim Gilmore (R)
February 20, 2016: South Carolina Republican primary
Winners: Clinton (D), Trump (R)
Dropped out:
Jeb Bush (R)