Local California voters approve West Hollywood development project and other measures concerning taxes, election dates, and property use

Across California, there were 10 local measures on the ballot on March 5, 2019, in eight local jurisdictions within Los Angeles County, El Dorado County, Fresno County, and Sonoma County.
Voters in West Hollywood approved Measure B by 61 percent, authorizing a London Arts Club development project. Measure B was put on the ballot through a veto referendum petition backed by Unite Here Local 11—a hospitality worker union opposed to the project—after the city council voted to approve the development plan. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Arts Club chairman Gary Landesberg owned the site of the proposed development. West Hollywood voters also approved a 7.5 percent marijuana tax, Measure Y, by 76 percent.
Voters in Signal Hill were asked by their city council whether to consolidate city elections with the statewide primary in March of even-numbered years or the statewide general election in November of even-numbered years or to keep the city’s odd-numbered year elections. The city council asked voters through two competing measures: Measure M for the primary election in March and Measure N for the general election in November. Voters chose to consolidate with the state general election in November of even-numbered years. Both measures received majority approval, but Measure N received more “yes” votes, which means it supersedes the competing Measure M.
Other measures approved on Tuesday included a Huntington Park advisory question about a Costco location, a sales tax in Glendora, a hotel tax increase in Manhattan Beach, and two measures concerning health district property in Fresno and Sonoma counties, respectively.