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Welcome to the Wednesday, June 12, Brew. Here’s what’s in store for you as you start your day:

  1. How are you spending the summer? We want to know!
  2. Supreme Court to issue 24 opinions by the end of June
  3. Quiz: Which state saw the most close House elections?

How are you spending the summer? We want to know!

Nine days until the official start of summer. Are you enjoying the sunshine on the West coast? Melting in Texas? Poolside in the District? Blessing the rains down in the Midwest?

Wherever you may be, we’re glad you’re tuning into the Daily Brew this summer. We’re having some summer fun here at Ballotpedia, and want to invite you to join us.

Fourth of July week we’ll be bringing you Ballotpedia Summer Camp.

Your Daily Brew will be replaced with Daily Iced Coffees, filled with our favorite stories and analysis of the year so far.

We also want to hear from you! We’ll feature submissions from readers during Summer Camp week.

Respond to this email and let me know your favorite political stories of the year. What are you looking forward to the rest of the year? What are your family’s summer plans?

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Supreme Court to issue 24 opinions by the end of June

The Supreme Court has issued 45 decisions in the 69 cases for which it’s heard oral arguments. The court’s term ends at the end of June, so that means there are 24 cases still awaiting a ruling.

By this date in 2018, the court had issued opinions in 42 of the 63 cases for which it heard oral arguments and had yet to issue decisions in 21 cases. Last year, the court added several additional, unplanned opinion release dates to account for the backlog. So far this year no additional dates have been announced – but stay tuned!

The listing below shows the month that this term’s opinions were issued:

  • November – 2
  • December  – 1
  • January – 5
  • February – 6
  • March – 11
  • April – 4
  • May – 9
  • June – 7

The table below shows the number of cases in which the court has yet to issue a ruling, organized by the month in which the court heard oral arguments, compared to the previous term: 

2018-2019 term

2017-2018 term

October – 1

November – 2

December – 1

January – 2

February – 3

March – 7

April – 8

October – 1

November – 1

December – 0

January – 2

February – 6

March – 2

April – 9


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Quiz: Which state saw the most close House elections?

In Tuesday’s Brew, I introduced you to the work we did about the margin of victory in 2018’s congressional elections. Those were just the highlights—there’s plenty of great information provided in the full analysis. I hope you had a chance to explore that page further—including the maps and charts—because today, I’ve got a short quiz.

A.  California 
B.  Florida 
C.  Ohio 
D.  Texas