Congress has considered at least 10 Trump administration executive branch reorganization proposals in past year

The Trump administration on June 30 released a one-year update on the status of the administration’s executive branch reorganization plan.
The reorganization plan—released in June 2018 pursuant to Executive Order 13871—seeks to improve alignment between program administration and agency missions by consolidating and restructuring several agencies as well as shifting the administration of certain federal programs, such as the food stamps program, under different agencies. The full reorganization plan features 34 proposals aimed at aligning the core missions and responsibilities of executive agencies.
The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) estimated that implementation of the full plan would take three to five years.
The one-year update included the following:
• Congress has considered at least 10 of the proposals through hearings, legislation, or discussions with members or staff.
• The Trump administration’s 2020 budget included all or part of 18 reorganization proposals.
• Agencies are implementing more than 20 of the proposals through existing authorities.
The president has the authority to reorganize federal agencies within existing statutory limits. However, Congress must delegate reorganization authority in order for the president to implement statutory changes to agencies. Once the president presents a reorganization plan to Congress, members must issue a resolution of approval in order for the plan to take effect.
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