Deadline to request absentee ballots in Kentucky is Oct. 29

October 29 is the final day for voters to request absentee ballots in Kentucky for the general election on November 5. Absentee voting is only allowed under specific conditions in Kentucky. Click the link below to see if you qualify.
Kentucky is holding elections for the following, in addition to other elections beyond Ballotpedia’s coverage scope:
  • Governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, agriculture commissioner, auditor, and treasurer
  • Two seats in the state legislature
    • Kentucky House of Representatives District 18
    • Kentucky House of Representatives District 63
  • One seat on the state supreme court
  • One seat on the court of appeals
  • One circuit court judgeship in Fayette County
The gubernatorial election featuring Gov. Matt Bevin (R), state Attorney General Andy Beshear (D), and John Hicks (L), is a top battleground election in the country. It follows nearly four years of conflict between Bevin and Beshear that began when each was elected to his current position. The election will decide the state’s trifecta status until at least the 2020 state legislative elections. If Bevin wins, Republicans will maintain their trifecta control of the state, while a Beshear or Hicks victory would result in neither party having trifecta control.
Gregory Stumbo (D) and Daniel Cameron (R) are running for the attorney general position being vacated by Beshear. Democrats have held the office since 1952, but a combination of factors indicate this race should be competitive. In addition to it being an open seat, Beshear defeated his challenger in 2015, 50.1 percent to 49.9 percent. Donald Trump (R) won Kentucky with 62.5 percent of the vote in 2016, and he endorsed Cameron on July 29.
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