Preview of the 141 Nov. 5 local ballot measures within Ballotpedia’s coverage scope

In 2019, Ballotpedia is covering 141 local measures in jurisdictions within 17 different states for the November 5 election. This includes all local measures that appear on the ballot for voters within the top 100 largest cities in the U.S, plus all local measures in North Carolina, all local measures in California. Ballotpedia is also covering the 32 Nov. 5 statewide ballot measures on ballots in seven states. Here is a summary of the ballot measures that voters will decide on November 5, 2019.
Ballotpedia is covering 11 local ballot measures in two cities—Tucson and Scottsdale—and five school districts in Maricopa and Pima counties. Tucson Proposition 205 would make Tucson the first city in Arizona to enact sanctuary city policies.
Voters in local jurisdictions in 13 different California counties will decide 45 local ballot measures. Voters in San Francisco will decide five measures, including Proposition C, which concerns the authorization and regulation of e-cigarettes, and Proposition F, which concerns campaign contributions and advertising disclaimers. Voters in Rancho Palos Verdes will decide Measure B, an initiative proposing an increase to the minimum wage for hospitality workers.
Ballotpedia is covering four measures on the ballot in Denver, two measures on the ballot in Colorado Springs, and countywide measures in Arapahoe County and Douglas County. There are also two statewide measures on the ballot.
Voters in Hialeah and St. Petersburg will decide eight local ballot measures.
Ballotpedia is covering two citizen initiatives on the ballot in Boise that would enact voter approval requirements for library and sports stadium development projects.
Ballotpedia is covering an advisory vote on the ballot in Boston concerning whether or not to change the name of Dudley Square to Nubian Square.
Ballotpedia is covering five measures on the ballot in Kansas City. Four concern transferring park property out of the park system for school district or other use. Question 5 is a citizen initiative to rename Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. to The Paseo Blvd.
New Jersey
Ballotpedia is covering a veto referendum on the ballot in Jersey City concerning restrictions and regulations on renting out short-term rental properties. There is also one statewide measure on the ballot in New Jersey.
New Mexico
Ballotpedia is covering 16 measures on the ballot in Albuquerque. Proposition 2 would make Albuquerque the second jurisdiction in the U.S. (after Seattle) to adopt government-disbursed vouchers, known as democracy dollars, that voters could contribute to candidates.
New York
Ballotpedia is covering the five proposed charter amendments combining 19 proposals on the ballot in New York City. Question 1 includes a proposal to establish ranked-choice voting for primary and special elections in the city. Question 2 contains five proposals concerning the city’s Civilian Complaint Review Board.
North Carolina
Voters in local jurisdictions in seven different North Carolina counties will decide 11 local ballot measures.
Ballotpedia is covering 11 local measures on the November 2019 ballot in jurisdictions within four counties. These include citywide measures in Cleveland and Cincinnati, community college and school district measures, and countywide measures.
Ballotpedia is covering four local measures on the ballot in Portland, the Portland Metro area, and Portland Public Schools.
Voters in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia will decide three local ballot measures. There is also one statewide measure on the ballot.
Ballotpedia is covering eight local ballot measures on the ballot in jurisdictions within five counties. Irving, El Paso, Harris County, Arlington and Tarrant County, and Austin and Travis County fall within Ballotpedia’s coverage scope for 2019. There are also 10 statewide measures on the ballot.
Ballotpedia is covering one tax measure on the ballot in Vineyard.
Ballotpedia is covering one local measure on the ballot in King County on November 5, 2019. The measure concerns a property tax levy renewal to fund emergency medical services. There are also 15 statewide measures on the ballot.