It’s Election Day Eve!

The Daily Brew

Welcome to the Monday, November 4, Brew. Here’s what’s in store for you as you start your day:

  1. It’s the day before Election Day 2019
  2. Looking ahead
  3. An update on our Candidate Conversations portal

It’s the day before Election Day 2019

There is one day left before voters have their say in 2019’s odd-year elections. Although there are no federal elections this year, Ballotpedia is covering elections for 2,983 offices in 27 states. Here’s a summary of what we’re following Nov. 5:

  • Two states—Kentucky and Mississippi—are holding elections for 21 state executive positions, including races for governor and lieutenant governor;

  • Twelve states are holding contests for 413 state legislative seats, including special elections. The majority of these races are taking place in Mississippi, New Jersey, and Virginia with 174, 80, and 140 state legislative seats up for election in each state, respectively;

  • Three states are holding elections for seven state court judgeships;

  • Five states are holding elections for 81 local court judgeships;

  • Nineteen states are holding elections for 2,201 municipal positions—including for mayor, city council, and other city and county offices;

  • Sixteen states are holding elections for 260 school board seats. 

Ballotpedia is also covering 32 statewide ballot measures being decided by voters in seven states, as well as 141 local ballot measures in jurisdictions within 17 different states. This includes all local measures appearing on the ballot within the 100 largest cities in the U.S. by population, plus all local measures in North Carolina and California. 

We take our mission very seriously to prepare neutral and unbiased content about these elections. We are honored that you have placed your trust in us. Thank you.

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Looking ahead 

Tomorrow: Happy Election Day! We’ll share some last-minute resources including the times that polls close in your state. 

Wednesday: We’ll provide election results and analysis for all the notable races—including governor’s races in Kentucky and Mississippi, state legislative elections in Virginia, and municipal elections in Seattle and Houston. We’re also hosting a briefing discussing these key contests, the status of any races that are too close to call, and whether any trifectas and triplexes changed as a result. The briefing is at 1:30 p.m. Central Time, so click here to register and secure your spot. If you can’t attend, we’ll send you a link to the recording when it’s available.  

Thursday: There’s more analysis coming your way, including late results and updates on what happened in ballot measure elections across the country. And we’re hosting another briefing where our ballot measures expert Josh Altic breaks down the results of key statewide and local measures and discusses trends that are emerging nationwide. You can reserve your spot for that briefing here.

An update on our Candidate Conversations portal

Last week, I introduced you to one of our new projects—Candidate Conversations—that we’ve developed with EnCiv to help voters get to know their candidates as people. Candidate Conversations is an online video portal where candidates can answer questions, and you can watch those answers, anytime, for free, to learn more about your candidates. 

We are excited to announce we’ve received submissions from three of the four candidates running in the San Francisco district attorney’s race on Nov. 5—Chesa Boudin, Leif Dautch, and Suzy Loftus.  

Click the link below to watch the conversation! This project is in beta form, so I’d love to hear your feedback.