Biden and Trump win Georgia and West Virginia primaries

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June 10, 2020: Biden and Trump won primaries in Georgia and West Virginia. A virtual fundraiser for Biden hosted with Kamala Harris raised $3.5 million.

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Notable Quote of the Day

“… Biden has dramatically escalated his Facebook spending, purchasing close to $5 million in advertising on the platform in just a few days last week and beating Trump’s single-day record Thursday with a $1.6 million buy. His recent splurge, which matched what he’d spent in 10 months of campaigning, sought to tap into the energy of the protests against racism and police brutality, which have also focused on Trump. …

In his digital advertising, Team Biden’s recent focus has been on how Trump has fanned the ‘flames of white supremacy, hatred, and violence,’ and on promoting a petition condemning the president—which the campaign can use to connect with potential supporters. The ads have also focused more on the younger voters that Biden struggled to win over in the primary. …

The uprising over Floyd’s killing has become a flashpoint for the country, with less than two weeks of protests resulting in a number of concrete measures—charges against Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis cop who killed Floyd, and the officers who stood by as he did it; that city’s leaders voting to disband the police department; and a groundswell against racism and inequality across several industries. The social unrest has also laid bare what would be at stake under another four years of Trump. Biden appears to be tapping into that energy, aligning himself with the demonstrators against a president whose administration stands in the way of the progress they demand.”

– Eric Lutz, Vanity Fair

Election Updates

  • Joe Biden and Donald Trump won their respective parties’ primaries in Georgia and West Virginia on June 9.
  • virtual fundraiser for Biden hosted with Kamala Harris raised $3.5 million from 1,400 donors.
  • Biden spoke via video at George Floyd’s funeral.
  • The Democratic PAC American Bridge announced it would spend $20 million on 10 weeks of TV and radio ads focused on seniors in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.
  • CNN reported that Trump may announce the location of the nomination portion of the Republican National Convention tomorrow, June 11.
  • Trump tweeted, “NASDAQ HITS ALL-TIME HIGH. Tremendous progress being made, way ahead of schedule. USA!”

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