Happy Election Day!

Welcome to the Tuesday, Nov. 3, Brew. Election day is upon us.

Happy Election Day!

Election Day is here! Haven’t voted yet? Here’s a page where you can view your state’s poll closing times. You can also view your sample ballot here.

Before we dive into election results tomorrow, here are some resources you can use throughout the week to follow the stories you care about.

  • Bookmark our comprehensive election results page for up-to-date information on results, the status of election race calls, congressional and state executive offices and chambers that changed parties, election disputes or recounts, and more. 
  • Reserve your spot today in this week’s three free briefings so you can stay informed on race developments:
    • Nov. 4—Elections Review: Join us at 3 p.m. ET for a quick look at the election results we know so far.
    • Nov. 5—Ballot Measures Review: Join our Ballot Measures team at 12 p.m. ET as we break down ballot measure results and what happens next.
    • Nov. 6—Down-ballot Elections Review: With more than the presidential race on the ballot, there are a lot of election results to cover. Let us do the hard work for you by joining us for this free briefing at 12 p.m. ET about notable trends, races, and results from down-ballot races across the nation.
  • Click here to learn when your state can begin counting ballots.

This week, we want to provide our Brew readers with all the information they need, right here in these emails. I hope we can serve as an unbiased source of news and analysis as you wade through election results.

Looking ahead at tonight, the first polls close at 6 PM local time in Indiana and Kentucky. While results will be reported starting this evening, results certification won’t happen for days or even weeks. Click here for a list of state certification dates.
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