Fiebelkorn and Grout win Albuquerque City Council seats in Dec. 7 runoff election

The nonpartisan general runoff election for Albuquerque City Council Districts 7 and 9 in New Mexico was on Dec. 7. The general election was held on Nov. 2, and the filing deadline for publicly funded candidates passed on July 5. The filing deadline for privately funded candidates passed on Aug. 24.

Tammy Fiebelkorn defeated Lori Robertson for the District 7 seat with 61.8% of the vote, and Renee Grout defeated Rob Grilley for the District 9 seat with 51.7% of the vote.

Odd-numbered seats on the nine-member Albuquerque City Council were up for election on Nov. 2. Only the races for District 7 and District 9 advanced to a general runoff. Two of the three incumbents running for re-election to the city council were defeated outright in the general election.

Albuquerque is the largest city in New Mexico and the thirty-second largest city in the U.S. by population.

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