SCOTUS releases February argument calendar

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) released its February argument calendar for the 2021-2022 term on Dec. 17. The court scheduled seven cases for arguments on the merits between Feb. 22 and March 2, including two cases consolidated for one hour of oral argument.

Arguments will be conducted in person, although the court remains closed to the public, according to its COVID-19 safety protocols. Argument audio will be streamed live to the public. The audio files and argument transcripts for cases will be posted on the Court’s website following oral argument each day.

Click the links below to learn more about the cases:

Feb. 22

  1. Ysleta del Sur Pueblo v. Texas
  2. Denezpi v. United States

Feb. 23

  1. Arizona v. City and County of San Francisco, California

Feb. 28

  1. West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency (Consolidated with North American Coal Corporation v. Environmental Protection Agency, Westmoreland Mining Holdings v. Environmental Protection Agency, and North Dakota v. Environmental Protection Agency)

March 1

  1. Ruan v. United States (Consolidated with Kahn v. United States)
  2. Marietta Memorial Hospital Employee Health Benefit Plan v. DaVita, Inc.

March 2

  1. Egbert v. Boule

To date, the court has granted review in 56 cases during the term. Four cases were dismissed, and one case was removed from the argument calendar. Eight cases have not yet been scheduled for argument.

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