Election Day is here!

Welcome to the Tuesday, November 8, Brew. 

By: Samuel Wonacott

Here’s what’s in store for you as you start your day:

  1. Election Day is here—here’s where to vote
  2. Where to find results
  3. 50 states in 50 days—the end of the road

Happy Election Day!

Election Day 2022 is here! We’ll be back tomorrow morning with election results and analysis. In the meantime here is a list of resources on everything to do with today’s election:

  • Sample ballot: Our Sample Ballot Lookup tool allows you to learn about the candidates and issues on your ballot. 
  • Election Help Desk: Our 2022 Election Help Desk answers your most pressing questions about today’s elections—and what happens next. 
  • Poll opening and closing times: The opening and closing times for polling locations vary from state to state and in the District of Columbia. This page provides state-by-state poll opening and closing times. 
  • Where to vote: If you’re not sure where to vote, check this page out. The page provides links to information about where to find polling locations in your state. 
  • Identification: The rules governing voter identification vary by state. Click here to read about the voter ID requirements in your state, so you know what to expect when you head to the polls. 

We’ll see you bright and early tomorrow with analysis and takeaways from today’s elections. 

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Battleground elections and where to find results  

We’re covering tens of thousands of races up and down the ballot today. Once polls close, we’ll be up late into the night and into the early hours of the morning reporting results and updating analysis articles. To help you get your bearings, we’ve compiled lists of our top battleground elections and top ballot measures:

  • Top 15 elections: This battleground list includes congressional and state executive elections (including for governor), and elections for state supreme court judgeships, state legislatures, and mayors. 
  • Top 15 ballot measures: Voters in 37 states will decide on 132 statewide ballot measures that address topics like abortion, marijuana, voting policies, firearms, sports betting, and state constitutional rights. 

Additionally, you can find our coverage of state-level executive races that tend not to get as much attention. That includes elections for state financial officers like treasurers, auditors, and controllers—officials who are, generally, responsible for things like auditing other government offices, managing payroll, and overseeing pensions. 

Below is a chart showing the partisan composition of state financial officers going into the election. 

You can find our election pages for each office below:

Overall, our list of battleground elections include some of the following (click a state to learn more about the election).  

Here’s where you can follow along our results coverage:

  • Election results overview page: Bookmark this one. We’ll update this page throughout the night as races are called. On this page, you can find election updates, results summaries, and results for battleground races—including U.S. Senate and U.S. House elections, gubernatorial elections, and state supreme court elections. 
  • Election analysis overview page: With thousands of elections taking place across the country, we’ll have in-depth analysis of outcomes at the federal, state, and local levels once results come in. 

Finally, we’d like to invite you to register for our 2022 ballot measure recap webinar on Nov. 10 at 1:00 p.m. ET. Our Editor in Chief, Geoff Pallay, and Managing Editor for Ballot Measures, Ryan Byrne, will analyze ballot measure results compared to previous elections, as well as discuss what happened with measures related to abortion, marijuana, and election policy. Register today!

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50 states in 50 days—the end of the road

On Aug. 29, we embarked on a circuitous journey across the U.S. to preview elections in every state. We started in Pennsylvania and completed the tour, ten weeks later, in New Hampshire. In the series, we previewed what’s on the ballot in each state, which parties control state and congressional offices, and what you need to know to cast your ballot. 

We want to thank you for taking this trip alongside us! If you missed your state or wish to revisit it as you head to the polls, we’ve included links below to every part of the series below:

Week One: Pennsylvania, Indiana, South Dakota, Nebraska, North Dakota
Week Two: California, Georgia, Texas, Montana
Week Three: North Carolina, Virginia, New Mexico, Illinois, Idaho
Week Four: Kentucky, Michigan, Arkansas, Minnesota, West Virginia
Week Five: Vermont, Nevada, Wyoming, Arizona, Ohio
Week Six: South Carolina, Iowa, Kansas, Oregon, Tennessee
Week Seven: Colorado, New Jersey, Washington, Alabama, Utah
Week Eight: Mississippi, Maryland, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, Maine
Week Nine: Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Alaska, Hawaii, Florida
Week Ten: Missouri, Louisiana, New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire

Click here to learn more about elections in your state. 

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