Milwaukee, Wisconsin, general election results

The nonpartisan general election for Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was on April 4, 2023. The primary was held on Feb. 21 and the filing deadline to run was on Jan. 3. 

Candidates competed for three out of 15 seats on the Milwaukee Common Council. These seats were up for special election. Candidates also competed for two seats on the Milwaukee Municipal Court. The results are below:

  • Milwaukee Common Council District 1: Andrea Pratt defeated David Bowen with 50.2% of the vote to Bowen’s 49.8%.
  • Milwaukee Common Council District 5: Lamont Westmoreland defeated Annette Jackson with 67.1% of the vote to Jackson’s 32.9%.
  • Milwaukee Common Council District 9: Larresa Taylor defeated Odell Ball with 52.1% of the vote to Ball’s 47.9%.
  • Milwaukee Municipal Court: Molly Gena defeated Lena Taylor with 51.4% of the vote to Taylor’s 48.6%.
  • Milwaukee Municipal Court: Incumbent Phil Chavez ran unopposed.

Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin and the 30th-largest city in the U.S. by population.

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