Voters in northeastern Gwinnett County, Georgia, to vote on ballot measure creating a new city, Mulberry

In northeastern Gwinnett County, Georgia, voters will decide on a ballot measure on May 21 to create a new city called Mulberry. Mulberry would have around 41,245 residents.

The Georgia State Legislature referred the measure to the ballot in a vote that divided Republicans and Democrats. The Georgia State Senate voted 30-15 to pass the bill, titled SB 333, on February 1, 2024. Senate Republicans supported SB 333, while Democrats opposed the bill. The Georgia House of Representatives voted 101-63 to pass the bill on February 8. In the House, Democrats voted 5-63, while Republicans supported SB 333. Gov. Brian Kemp (R) signed the bill on Feb. 13, 2024.

State Sen. Clint Dixon (R-45), whose district intersects with the proposed jurisdiction, said, “SB 333 will greatly impact my constituents of the 45th Senate District, who have been negatively affected by zoning issues in our area. I am confident that the incorporation of the City of Mulberry will return power and local control to the citizens of Gwinnett County.” State Sen. Nikki Merritt (D-9), who represents part of Gwinnett County, voted against the bill. She said, “We’re seeing this pattern of: I don’t want it in my backyard. I don’t want those people coming in my backyard. I want to create a boundary of my own and consolidate my affluency. And I want to keep certain people out.”

The ballot measure also includes the proposed City of Mulberry Charter, which would create a five-member city council. Council members would be elected by district. Council members would select, by a majority vote, from among themselves for one of them to serve as mayor, who could be removed and replaced at any time by majority vote.

If voters approve the ballot measure, they will elect the five city council members at the general election in Nov. 2024, which Ballotpedia would cover as part of its ongoing local election coverage expansion.

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