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  • Number of donor privacy and disclosure bills enacted has increased each year since 2020

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    States have enacted more donor privacy and disclosure legislation this year than in recent years, with the number of enacted bills increasing yearly since 2020. Donor privacy and disclosure policy refers to legislation or regulation governing the confidentiality of nonprofit donors’ identities and/or personal information. Tax-exempt nonprofits are regulated under Section 501 of the Internal…

  • DeSantis signs bill removing resign-to-run requirement for presidential candidates in Florida

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    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) signed SB 7050 into law on May 24, 2023. SB 7050 is an elections bill that includes a provision removing Florida’s resign-to-run requirement for presidential and vice presidential candidates. DeSantis also filed to run in the 2024 presidential election that day. Under the new law, president and vice president are the only…

  • More absentee ballot drop box legislation introduced in 2023 than 2022

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    State legislators have introduced more legislation regulating the availability and security of absentee ballot drop boxes this year than in 2022. Legislators have introduced 34 bills related to ballot drop boxes in 2023. Three (9%) of these bills have become law. At this point in 2022, legislators had introduced 26 bills, and two (8%) had…