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  • Ballotpedia releases federal judicial vacancy count for August

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    In this month’s federal judicial vacancy count, Ballotpedia tracked nominations, confirmations, and vacancies from July 2, 2023, through August 1, 2023. Ballotpedia publishes the federal judicial vacancy count at the start of each month. HIGHLIGHTS Vacancies: There was one new judicial vacancy since the July 1 report. There are 70 vacancies out of 870 active…

  • Tracker: Article III federal judicial nominations by president by days in office since 2001

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    Through July 13, there were 890 authorized federal judicial posts and 71 vacancies. Seventy of those were for Article III judgeships. This report is limited to Article III courts, where appointees are confirmed to lifetime judgeships. From June 1 through July 13, ten judges had been confirmed From June 1 through July 13, six judges…