Special Democratic primary on Tuesday for Minnesota Senate

On Tuesday, Michelle Lee and Stu Lourey are competing in the Democratic primary for a special election to the Minnesota State Senate. Jason Rarick is running unopposed in the Republican primary. The general election is on February 5.
The District 11 seat became vacant following Tony Lourey’s (D) resignation to join Gov. Tim Walz’s (D) administration as the human services commissioner. Lourey had represented the district since 2007. He was last re-elected in 2016, earning 54.5 percent of the vote in the general election.
Minnesota is currently one of 13 states under divided government. Democrats control the governor’s mansion and have a 75-59 majority in the state House, while Republicans hold a 34-32 majority in the state Senate.
As of January, 33 state legislative special elections have been scheduled or held in 14 states. Between 2011 and 2018, an average of 77 special elections took place each year.