More than 600 candidates have filed to run for president

More than 600 candidates have filed with the Federal Election Commission to run for president in 2020. Democrats outpace Republicans by more than 2:1.
While there are 14 notable Democratic candidates already in the race, the field has not yet settled with announcements still expected from former Vice President Joe Biden (R) and former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas).
Biden, who was born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania, is reportedly considering placing his headquarters in Philadelphia or Delaware. He also has several top operatives committed to his campaign, including Obama alum Pete Kavanaugh, former vice presidential aide Kenny D. Thompson Jr., and Latino Victory Fund President and Clinton alum Cristobal Alex.
O’Rourke said two weeks ago that he had made a decision about a presidential run but has not yet made any formal announcements. The former Texas representative is traveling to Iowa this weekend and has reportedly recruited to his team Norm Sterzenbach, a top Iowa political consultant behind the organization of the state’s 2020 caucuses.
Democrats now have the location for their nominating convention. The Democratic National Committee announced Monday that it had selected Milwaukee over Houston and Miami as the host city for the 2020 Democratic National Convention. It will be held July 13-16, 2020.
“The Democratic Party has again become an every ZIP code party. We’re listening to people in every corner of the country,” DNC Chairman Tom Perez said.
The host city for the Republican National Convention—Charlotte, North Carolina—was decided last year. The convention will be held a month after the Democrats’ from August 24-27, 2020.