Deadline passes for Idaho state agencies to submit administrative rules for approval

Idaho state agencies had to submit thousands of administrative rules for approval by the state’s Division of Financial Management by May 10.
The Idaho State Legislature failed to pass legislation on April 11 that would have reauthorized administrative rules in the state. As a result, Governor Brad Little (R) directed state agencies to submit their rules to the Division of Financial Management for temporary approval to remain in effect until the state legislature reconvenes next year.
Several state agencies, including the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and the Idaho Lottery, also plan to cut rules prior to submission pursuant to Governor Little’s Red Tape Reduction Act executive order. The order requires agencies to repeal, simplify, or justify two rules for each new rule issued—similar to President Donald Trump’s (R) Executive Order 13771.
Following approval by the Division of Financial Management, the rules will be published in a June 19 edition of the Idaho Administrative Bulletin followed by a 21-day comment period.
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