Bennet becomes 21st Democrat to qualify for primary debate

June 4, 2019: Michael Bennet received 1 percent support in his third qualifying polling for the first primary debate. Joe Biden released his $5 trillion climate change platform.

Here’s the latest from the campaign trail.

Trivia Tuesday

Which third party candidate received the highest share of the popular vote?

  1. George Wallace→
  2. Robert LaFollette→
  3. Theodore Roosevelt→
  4. Ross Perot→

Notable Quote of the Day

“The maneuvering [in Democratic-leaning states] underscores how Trump is trying to capitalize on his vast financial and organizational advantage over Democrats. Yet it also illustrates how the president, whose own polling shows him falling behind in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, is seeking out additional routes to a second term.”

– Alex Isenstadt, Politico reporter


  • Michael Bennet qualified for the first Democratic presidential primary by receiving 1 percent in a third qualifying poll. He is the 21st candidate to qualify for the 20 spots on stage.
  • Joe Biden released his $5 trillion climate change platform that sets a goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. His plan also calls for an investment of $400 billion in clean energy research and innovation.
  • Bill de Blasio visited Albany, New York, to outline his legislative priorities for New York City, including updating rent protection laws, marijuana legalization, and changing specialized high school admissions to address racial disparities.
  • New York Magazine surveyed the early and large Iowa campaign operations of Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren
  • Steve Bullock will be in San Francisco, California, for a fundraiser Tuesday.
  • In an NBC News interview, Pete Buttigieg said he wanted to depoliticize the Supreme Court by expanding the court to 15 members: five Democrats, five Republicans, and five others who are chosen by the 10 partisan justices. He also participated in a town hall on MSNBC Monday night.
  • Julián Castro released his policy platform on policing Monday. He called for establishing national standards for law enforcement conduct, increasing federal oversight of excessive force, and demilitarizing the police to improve community relations.
  • Kirsten Gillibrand defended her call for Al Franken’s resignation in 2018 after Buttigieg said in a town hall that “would not have applied that pressure at that time before we knew more” about sexual misconduct allegations against him.
  • In an interview on Press Play, John Hickenlooper discussed moving towards a public option for health insurance, working with the oil and gas industry, and marijuana legalization.
  • Jay Inslee wrote a letter to Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez calling for a debate dedicated exclusively to climate change.
  • Beto O’Rourke has hired 37 new staff members in Iowa, bringing his team in the state up to 44.
  • Tim Ryan released a statement clarifying his position on impeachment. While Ryan said he did not expect a conviction due to Republican leadership, he called the inquiry necessary to “begin to cut the cancer of corruption out of government.”
  • Bernie Sanders wrote an op-ed in The New York Times detailing his family’s financial struggles and his position on wealth inequality.
  • Eric Swalwell appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Monday night.
  • Warren is expanding her operation in Iowa. State communications director Jason Noble said new hires would be announced June 15 with at least 60 staff members on the payroll.
  • Marianne Williamson will campaign in Nashua, New Hampshire, Tuesday.


  • Donald Trump is targeting New Hampshire, New Mexico, and Nevada—none of which have been won by a Republican presidential nominee since 2004—with campaign staff sent to each state.

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