DNC declines to hold climate change debate

June 6, 2019: The Democratic National Committee announced it will not hold a climate change debate. Jay Inslee released another climate change proposal, this one focused on global leadership.

Here’s the latest from the campaign trail.

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“That’s why [the Democratic] field is likely to be much smaller by Halloween or Thanksgiving: Once a candidate misses qualifying for a debate or two, they are ignored and their candidacies just wither and die on the vine. This is a cold and cruel process; there are going to be very bright and talented people, some of them arguably highly qualified to be president, who simply aren’t going to get more than a passing glance by Democratic voters. As President Kennedy once said, ‘Life is unfair.’”

– Charlie Cook, political analyst


  • The Democratic National Committee announced that it would not hold a primary debate dedicated exclusively to climate change. “While climate change is at the top of our list, the DNC will not be holding entire debates on a single issue area because we want to make sure voters have the ability to hear from candidates on dozens of issues of importance to American voters,” the group said in a statement.
  • In an interview on PBS NewsHour, Michael Bennet said that Biden did not represent the future of the party and that Americans in the middle of the country did not understand the party’s principles. “I don’t think the base of the Democratic Party is anywhere near where the Twitter base of the Democratic Party is,” he said.
  • The Joe Biden campaign said the former vice president supports the Hyde Amendment, which restricts federal funding of abortions.
  • Cory Booker and Pete Buttigieg are speaking at the African-American Leadership Council Summit in Atlanta Thursday. Biden and Beto O’Rourke are also attending a party fundraiser in Georgia. During the trip, Buttigieg and O’Rourke are scheduled to meet with Stacey Abrams.
  • In an interview on MSNBC, Steve Bullock said that he would require political non-profits and super PACs to certify that no foreign contributions will be used in U.S. elections.
  • In a Fox News interview, John Delaney discussed his conflict with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over Medicare for All. “Intolerance to different ideas is part of the problem. And that is something I think that is getting very dangerous and concerning in the Democratic Party right now,” he said.
  • Kirsten Gillibrand called for the decriminalization of marijuana use and taxation of nonprescription marijuana products. These funds would be used to offer small business programs and job training in communities disproportionately affected by marijuana laws.
  • The New York Times profiled Mike Gravel’s Twitter-driven presidential run. Campaign manager Henry Williams said, “Trump was the first postmodern politician. I like to think Gravel is the second.”
  • Kamala Harris will expand her Iowa campaign, pledging to increase the staff count to 65 staffers. Her campaign is also developing a program called “Kamala Captains” for precinct-level leaders.
  • Jay Inslee released a proposal for how he says the United States can lead on global climate change issues. He called for rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, raising the ceiling for refugee admissions, adjusting trade policies to support carbon-free outcomes, and prohibiting the financing of fossil fuel projects.
  • Amy Klobuchar will campaign in Duluth, touring redeveloped waterfront communities in the Minnesota Slip.
  • Seth Moulton said he would seek to retroactively upgrade dishonorable discharges to honorable for people dismissed on the basis of their sexual orientation.
  • Tim Ryan announced Peter Mellinger would act as his New Hampshire state director. Mellinger was Hillary Clinton’s organizing director in the state in 2016.
  • Bernie Sanders is on the cover of the latest TIME Magazine with a piece on his second presidential bid.
  • Elizabeth Warren’s staff became the fourth presidential campaign to unionize. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 2320 will represent the campaign workers.
  • During a town hall on MSNBC Wednesday night, Warren discussed the Hyde Amendment and impeachment.
  • Andrew Yang will appear on Real Time with Bill Maher Friday.


  • Reuters reported on Republican efforts to boost Donald Trump’s re-election campaign in Ohio, including developing a central database for voter information collected by volunteers.
  • Bill Weld said he supported impeachment proceedings against Trump. “I won’t say past time. But it’s time for the House Judiciary Committee, not the whole House to launch an inquiry, not take a vote but an inquiry into impeachment of this president,” Weld said.

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