De Blasio, Klobuchar call for impeachment

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June 17, 2019: Bill de Blasio and Amy Klobuchar called for President Trump’s impeachment. Weld predicted he will beat Trump in Utah on Super Tuesday.

There are 12 new candidates running since last week, including six Democrats and two Republicans. In total, 745 individuals are currently filed with the Federal Election Commission to run for president.

Notable Quote of the Day

“Most candidates, if not all, had hoped to draw a lectern alongside Biden or Sanders, eager to draft off the early front-runners’ stature — and to emphasize their own contrasts with them. Harris and Buttigieg will get them both.”

—David Siders and Christopher Cadelago, Politico


  • Yahoo! Finance profiled Michael Bennet, highlighting his health care policy.
  • Bill de Blasio and Amy Klobuchar called for Donald Trump’s impeachment, both citing Trump’s ABC interview response to a question about accepting campaign information from foreign governments.
  • Cory Booker joined protesting fast-food workers in Charleston, South Carolina, Saturday. Booker called the strike for a $15/hour wage “an American fight.”
  • New York Magazine released an interview with Steve Bullock where they discussed his exclusion from the first round of Democratic debates.
  • Pete Buttigieg appeared on Meet the Press Sunday, where he discussed U.S-Iranian relations, Joe Biden’s age, and foreign interference in elections.
  • Kamala Harris campaigned in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday, where she discussed the criminal justice system.
  • John Hickenlooper appeared on CNN’s Smerconish Saturday, where he discussed his presidential campaign and how being a governor has prepared him to be president.
  • Wayne Messam said he would continue campaigning despite missing the cut for the first round of Democratic debates while campaigning in Las Vegas.
  • Beto O’Rourke campaigned in Charleston, South Carolina, where he spoke with a group of African-American community leaders.
  • Tim Ryan discussed Trump’s policy on Iran and his appointment of John Bolton as National Security Advisor on MSNBC.
  • Bernie Sanders appeared on Fox News Sunday, where he told host Chris Wallace that to see real change the United States would “need a political revolution.”
  • Eric Swalwell spoke at a rally in San Francisco on Friday night, where he discussed guns, student debt, and impeachment.
  • The Ezra Klein Show interviewed Elizabeth Warren, where she discussed income inequality and corruption.


  • Donald Trump called into Fox and Friends on Friday to celebrate his 73rd birthday and spoke with the hosts for 50 minutes.
  • Bill Weld predicted he would beat Trump in Utah’s Super Tuesday primary next year during an appearance on CNN Saturday. 

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