Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti targeted for recall

An effort is underway to recall Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. The recall is being organized by Alexandra Datig in response to homelessness in Los Angeles. A notice of intent to recall was submitted on June 19, and it accused Garcetti of failing to adequately address the issue of homelessness. The notice cites a report by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority issued on June 5 that says there are more than 36,000 homeless people in the city, an increase of 16% over the last year.
Garcetti issued a statement on homelessness in Los Angeles on June 11, in which he took responsibility for the issue and detailed his plans to address the problem. A campaign consultant for Garcetti responded to the recall effort and dismissed it as a political game.
The Los Angeles city charter establishes a signature requirement equal to 15% of the registered voters in the city to put a recall on the ballot. Organizers in the recall effort against Garcetti are trying to reach 350,000 signatures.
Los Angeles is the largest city in California and the second-largest city in the U.S. by population.
In 2018, Ballotpedia covered a total of 206 recall efforts against 299 elected officials. Of the 123 officials whose recalls made it to the ballot, 77 were recalled for a rate of 62.6 percent. That was higher than the 56.9 percent rate and 56.3 percent rate for 2017 and 2016 recalls, respectively.
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