Idaho governor announces new regulatory processes, plans to simplify Idaho regulations

On July 25, Idaho Governor Brad Little announced four changes to the state rulemaking process:
  1. The state will post all notices and schedules for public hearings during the rulemaking process on one website.
  2. Citizens may now subscribe to a state newsletter informing them when new rules are published.
  3. Agencies will have to include a cover sheet with new rules explaining the purpose of the rule, who is covered by the rule, and who to contact for more information.
  4. Agencies will consolidate the chapters of rules they administer to make them easier for the public to understand.
In a July 19 announcement, Governor Little said he wanted to simplify up to 60 percent of the state’s regulations by the end of 2019. He added that he directed agencies to get rid of duplication and not to change fundamental policies. Little said that changing policy is the responsibility of the state legislature.
To learn more about Idaho’s regulatory code and other state approaches to the administrative state, click the link below.
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