Yang qualifies for third Democratic presidential debate

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July 30, 2019: Andrew Yang announced he has qualified for the third Democratic presidential debate. Kamala Harris released her Medicare for All healthcare proposal.


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Notable Quotes of the Day

“No one is going to close the deal in the last 60 days before the Iowa caucuses with their climate change plan. There’s got to be a gravitational pull toward the kitchen table issues.”

– Roger Fisk, Democratic political strategist

“We can’t try to win an election by getting both the person who wants to hear about revolution and the person who’s also a mainstream old-fashioned Republican who won’t vote for Trump. We have to choose and I think a progressive message can be a winning message.”

– John Deeth, Iowa Democratic activist 


  • The first night of the second Democratic presidential primary debate will be broadcast tonight from Detroit, Michigan, on CNN. The following candidates will be on stage: Steve BullockPete ButtigiegJohn DelaneyJohn HickenlooperAmy KlobucharBeto O’RourkeTim RyanBernie SandersElizabeth WarrenMarianne Williamson.

  • Michael Bennet discussed how his tax proposals would benefit communities of color in an interview with Essence Monday.

  • The Des Moines Register reported that Joe Biden will have 75 staffers in Iowa at the start of August, surpassing the operations of nearly all other candidates in the state.

  • In an interview with EssenceBill de Blasio said the U.S. needed redistribution of wealth. He highlighted the Green New Deal, $15 minimum wage, and free early childhood education as polices he’d want to take from New York City and bring to the country.

  • Booker spoke about his Iowa campaign in an interview in West Des Moines.

  • Tulsi Gabbard posted a digital video calling for an end to tech monopolies and censorship.

  • Kamala Harris released her Medicare for All plan Monday. It would phase in over 10 years and offer a privately managed option like Medicare Advantage. Harris said the program would be funded through a new tax on stock trades.

  • Hickenlooper unveiled his rural development program, which called for expanding broadband access, establishing a lifetime tax credit of up to $50,000 for small businesses that show growth, and creating entrepreneurial opportunity zones that incentivize work in rural areas.

  • Jay Inslee spoke about water infrastructure during a campaign visit to Flint, Michigan.

  • The pro-Inslee super PAC Act Now on Climate spent six figures on an attack ad against BidenButtigiegHarrisSanders, and Warren that will air in Iowa during the debates and the week after.

  • Seth Moulton discussed the Trump administration, racism, and his presidential campaign on SiriusXM Progress

  • Bernie Sanders filmed a campaign video with rapper Cardi B discussing student debt, climate change, and the minimum wage.

  • Tom Steyer is spending $500,000 on an ad that will begin airing during the second Democratic presidential primary debate. In the ad, Steyer criticizes Trump’s business record.

  • Elizabeth Warren issued her trade platform on Monday. Warren’s proposal included a carbon adjustment tax on some imported goods, increased public disclosure requirements, and new human rights and environmental standards.

  • Andrew Yang announced that he has qualified for the third Democratic presidential primary debate in September, becoming the eighth candidate to do so.

  • The Democratic group Bridge Project launched a five-figure digital ad campaign on healthcare against Donald Trump in Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.


  • The Detroit News profiled Trump’s campaign strategy and organization in Michigan.

Flashback: July 30, 2015

The Trump campaign hired Michael Glassner as its national political director. Glassner previously worked as a top aide to Sarah Palin during John McCain’s 2008 presidential run.