Castro is 10th candidate to qualify for September and October debates



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August 20, 2019: Julián Castro qualified for the third and fourth Democratic primary debates. Roughly half of the Democratic field will speak at the Frank LaMere Native American Presidential Forum.


Since 1824, how many winning presidential candidates have lost their home state?

Notable Quote of the Day

“There’s a fundamental values gap between the mainstream Democratic Party, which tends to be more socially liberal and cosmopolitan in its outlook, and rural and small-town voters. Unless a candidate can build bridges across that gap on the basis of values, it’s very difficult to make any policy proposal matter.

Right now, no one is building those bridges … [but] if you can move rural voters, even a few points, it becomes possible to win in states you can’t otherwise win.”

– Mark Mellman, Democratic pollster



  • Mike Pence spoke at the Detroit Economic Club Monday, reiterating Donald Trump’s messaging that the economy will decline if Trump is not reelected.
  • The Washington Post Magazine profiled Bill Weld in an article titled, “Is Bill Weld the Hero Never Trumpers Have Been Waiting For?”

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