Trump campaign attacks Biden’s alleged gaffes in new digital video



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September 18, 2019: The Trump campaign posted a digital video critical of Joe Biden. Tom Steyer proposed spending $50 billion to increase public service programs to 1 million positions by 2025.

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Notable Quote of the Day

“Everyone is obsessed with finding the most ‘electable’ candidate, but no one really knows what that means. For a lot of people, part of electability is seeing that a candidate can generate excitement and draw big crowds. Hillary Clinton didn’t really do that last time; Trump does in a way Republicans usually don’t. Taking back some of that populist momentum would be huge.”

– Zach Simonson, Wapello County Democrats chairman


  • The two ads Michael Bennet released Tuesday are part of a seven-figure media campaign in Iowa. The Des Moines Register reported that he planned to released more ads in New Hampshire. He said he would remain in the race through the New Hampshire primary.
  • Joe Biden will attend at least two fundraisers in Chicago on Thursday. The Associated Press reported on Biden’s Catholicism and position on abortion. 
  • In an interview on the RJ Politics podcast, Cory Booker discussed gun violence, affordable housing, and labor issues. He also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night.
  • Pete Buttigieg campaigned in South Carolina Monday and Tuesday. More than 50 mayors signed an op-ed in USA Today endorsing Buttigieg.
  • Julián Castro discussed healthcare and activism in an interview with Ady Barkan on NowThisNews.
  • Tulsi Gabbard criticized the Trump administration’s response to attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil supply in an interview with The Hill.
  • Kamala Harris sent a letter to the U.S. House Judiciary Committee requesting they launch an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct against Brett Kavanaugh or form a task force to do so.
  • Amy Klobuchar will campaign in Pittsburgh Wednesday with a focus on her economic agenda.
  • Beto O’Rourke will make his first campaign stop in Colorado Thursday, holding a town hall in Aurora on gun violence.
  • Tim Ryan visited with striking General Motors workers in northwest Ohio Tuesday.
  • Bernie Sanders launched a digital ad campaign targeting teachers focused on a 2018 walkout in West Virginia that led to salary increases.
  • Joe Sestak spoke with LGBTQ Nation about LGBT issues, racism, and religious freedom.
  • Tom Steyer proposed spending $50 billion to increase public service programs to 1 million positions by 2025.
  • Elizabeth Warren appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Tuesday night.
  • Marianne Williamson will speak about her proposal for a U.S. Department of Peace in New York.
  • Andrew Yang held a rally in Philadelphia Tuesday.


  • Mark Sanford will campaign in New Hampshire Thursday through Saturday.
  • The Donald Trump campaign posted a digital video featuring Biden’s alleged gaffes and television commentary critical of his campaign and debate performances. The video ends with the statement, “You just wonder.”
  • Joe Walsh campaigned in Iowa Tuesday.
  • Bill Weld spoke about his upbringing and college years during WMUR’s “Candidate Café” series in New Hampshire.

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