DNC announces two polling options to qualify for November debate

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September 24, 2019: The Democratic National Committee released the criteria for the November presidential primary debate. Joe Walsh and Bill Weld will debate Tuesday during an event hosted by Business Insider. blank    blankblank   


What was the first presidential election held on the same day in every state?

Notable Quote of the Day

“The highly educated urban Democrats may be the most vocal, particularly on Twitter. But it is the working-class in places like Beaver County who may ultimately decide Trump’s fate.

None of the dozen or so union workers interviewed at a protest [of a power plant closure] late last week had Twitter accounts. None had four-year college degrees. And few were committed to voting Democrat in 2020, although most were registered as such.”

– Steve Peoples, Associated Press



Flashback: September 24, 2015

Donald Trump said in an interview that he did not believe in climate change and that regulations addressing climate change would “imperil the companies in our country.”