Dems respond to impeachment inquiry, Trump raises $1 million

Ballotpedia's Daily Presidential News Briefing

September 25, 2019: Democratic presidential candidates respond to the impeachment inquiry announcement. Bernie Sanders proposes a wealth tax on assets over $32 million. blank    blankblank   

 Daily Presidential News Briefing - Presidential Facebook ads, 2019-2020 (September 16-22, 2019)

Notable Quote of the Day

“For Democrats running for president, breaking through on healthcare or the economy just got a lot tougher. Impeachment will be the dominant topic for a long time.”

– Doug Heye, Republican strategist




  • Mark Sanford will campaign in Iowa with meet and greet events in two cities Wednesday.

  • Donald Trump delivered his third address to the United Nations General Assembly, discussing the military, unemployment, USMCA, immigration, and foreign policy.

  • Trump and the Republican National Committee raised $1 million after sending fundraising emails Tuesday calling for supporters to donate and join the “Official Impeachment Defense Task Force.”

Flashback: September 25, 2015

Draft Biden hired paid staff in 11 states holding primaries on Super Tuesday in preparation for a possible presidential run by Joe Biden.