Trump raises $13 million this week

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September 27, 2019: Donald Trump raised $13 million this week through fundraising emails and two fundraisers. Pete Buttigieg will expand his presence in Nevada with 10 open offices by mid-October, more than any other candidate.

Each Friday, we’ll highlight a presidential candidate’s key campaign staffer.

Daily Presidential News Briefing - Staffer Spotlight - Chuck Rocha


Chuck Rocha is a campaign strategist with experience in union and advocacy group campaigning. Rocha founded Solidarity Strategies in 2010.

Previous campaign work:

  • 2016 Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, advisor

Other experience:

  • 2010-Present: Solidarity Strategies, owner and president
  • 2012-2016: Center for National Policy, fellow
  • 2004-2011: Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, executive board member
  • 2000-2011: Labor Council of Latin American Advancement, executive board member
  • 2009-2010: Blue-Green Alliance, political director
  • 1998-2009: United Steelworkers, political director

What he’s said about Sanders:

“In the tumultuous times we live in, people are looking for a rock in a river. Bernie Sanders has been that stalwart rock.”

Notable Quote of the Day

“The likelihood that Trump submits himself to three-hour, televised sparring matches with the Democratic nominee, no matter who it is, is slim to none in my opinion.

Here’s why.

For one, he doesn’t have to. It’s not required of presidential candidates, though perhaps it should be.

Numerous candidates have skipped primary debates, and some have even passed in the general. Lyndon B. Johnson refused to debate Barry Goldwater in 1964 and Richard Nixon wouldn’t participate in 1968 or 1972 debates.”

– S.E. Cupp, CNN host and political commentator


  • Michael BennetPete ButtigiegJulián CastroAmy Klobuchar, and Beto O’Rourke will each participate in an hour-long interview at the Texas Tribune Festival this weekend.
  • Castro and Klobuchar will also speak at the Voto Latino Power Summit in Austin Saturday.
  • In an interview with Politico Thursday, Bennet said presidents’ and vice presidents’ children should not have foreign business dealings or give corporate speeches.
  • Joe Biden will hold a community event in Las Vegas Friday.
  • Buttigieg will expand his presence in Nevada with 10 open offices by mid-October, more than any other candidate. He also hired Travis Brock as the campaign’s national director for caucuses and Juan Carlos Perez as national Latino engagement director.
  • Castro said Thursday he would end his campaign if he did not qualify for the November primary debate.
  • John Delaney will attend six events in Iowa Saturday and Sunday, including the Harry Hopkins Dinner in Sioux City. 
  • Tulsi Gabbard will host town halls throughout Iowa from Saturday through Monday.
  • Kamala Harris will campaign in Seattle Friday and San Francisco Saturday.
  • Radio Atlantic posted a podcast with Klobuchar on the impeachment inquiry, Brett Kavanaugh, and her presidential campaign.
  • Washington Examiner interviewed Tim Ryan about his presidential campaign and the commonalities he finds between the Rust Belt and urban areas.
  • Bernie Sanders will campaign in New Hampshire Sunday with stops at three colleges.
  • Joe Sestak will speak at the Latino Heritage Festival Soapbox Saturday in Iowa.
  • Tom Steyer is joining UAW members on the picket line in Reno Friday and attending two events in the city Saturday.
  • Elizabeth Warren will hold town halls in New Hampshire Friday and South Carolina Saturday.
  • Marianne Williamson continues her Nevada visit with a town hall in Las Vegas Friday.
  • In an interview on The View Thursday, Andrew Yang discussed his campaign and denied a claim that he fired a former employee because she was married.


  • Donald Trump raised $13 million this week through fundraising emails following the impeachment inquiry announcement and two fundraisers on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • In an interview on Reason PodcastJoe Walsh discussed the Tea Party, libertarianism, and his prior support for Trump.
  • Bill Weld appeared at the Texas Tribune Festival Thursday.

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