Nov. 2 is the deadline for qualified Mississippians to vote absentee in person

Mississippi voters who qualify to vote early by completing an absentee ballot in person must do so by noon on November 2. Absentee ballots mailed to the registrar must be received by 5:00 p.m. on November 4. Mississippi law requires registrars to send absentee ballots to eligible voters within 24 hours of receiving an application. To see if you are eligible to apply for an absentee ballot and for more information on voting in Mississippi, click the link below.
Mississippi is holding elections for the following, in addition to other elections beyond Ballotpedia’s coverage scope:
  • Governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state, agriculture commissioner, insurance commissioner, auditor, and treasurer
  • All three seats on both the public service commission and the transportation commission
  • All 52 seats in the state Senate
  • All 122 seats in the state House
The race for governor of Mississippi is one of three gubernatorial elections nationwide in 2019. The four candidates include Attorney General Jim Hood (D) and Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves (R). Both candidates have accused one another of ethics violations and fiscal mismanagement. Should Republicans maintain their legislative majorities, a Reeves victory would preserve Mississippi’s Republican state government trifecta while a Hood victory would break it. To win election to statewide office in Mississippi, a candidate must win both a majority of the statewide vote and carry a majority of the 122 state House districts. If no candidate does both, the race is decided by the state House.