Gabbard is tenth candidate to qualify for November debate

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November 7, 2019: Tulsi Gabbard is the tenth candidate to qualify for the fifth Democratic presidential debate. Rep. Ayanna Pressley endorsed Elizabeth Warren on Wednesday.

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Notable Quote of the Day

“Currently, about two in three Republicans (66%) and Democrats (65%) report being more excited about voting than they were in previous elections. This differs from the typical pattern Gallup has seen over the years, whereby those who identify with the political party of the incumbent president have been less enthusiastic about voting than members of the opposing party. This is true whether that president is running for election or leaving office. … 

History would suggest that Democrats would be more keyed up to vote than Republicans, but that isn’t the case in this early marker taken nearly a year before Election Day 2020. Though a lot can change in a year, the current politically polarized environment — with added tensions from a congressional impeachment inquiry — could be resulting in voters of all political stripes’ sense that a lot is at stake in their upcoming vote.

– Justin McCarthy, Gallup



  • Mike Pence is traveling to New Hampshire on Thursday to file in the New Hampshire primary for the Donald Trump campaign.

  • Bill Weld discussed impeachment, climate change, and canceled Republican presidential primaries in a text-based interview with BuzzFeed News.

Flashback: November 7, 2015

Donald Trump hosted Saturday Night Live on NBC.