Jersey City voters approve measure authorizing regulations on short-term rental properties

Jersey City voters approved Question 1, authorizing certain regulations and restrictions on short- term rental properties. The vote was 69% in favor to 31% against.
The approval of Jersey City Question 1 enacted certain restrictions and regulations on renting out short-term rental properties (such as Airbnb and VRBO), including the following:
  • limitations on what properties/units are eligible for use as short-term rentals, including certain owner-occupation and zoning requirements;
  • a prohibition on using a property as a short-term rental for more than a total of 60 nights per year if the owner/operator is not present;
  • a prohibition on using property with rental rates controlled by government regulations or other rent control limitations in place;
  • rules for short term rental permits and permit fees of an initial $250 application fee and $200 per year for renewal after that; and
  • other regulations and restrictions.
The measure was put on the ballot through a successful referendum petition effort backed by opponents of Ordinance 19-077, which the Municipal Council of the City of Jersey City voted into law on June 25, 2019. Vote Yes JC, sponsored by the Share Better Education Fund, led the campaign in support of a yes vote Question 1. Keep Our Homes JC led petition effort to put the measure on the ballot and the campaign supporting a no vote on Question 1. Airbnb supported a no vote on the question while the Hotel Association of New York City (HANYC) and the New York Hotel Trades Council (NYHTC) supported a yes vote.
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