Trump raises $10M in one week

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December 17, 2019: Donald Trump raised more than $10 million since last week. Andrew Yang issued his healthcare plan on Monday.

What was the first presidential election cycle in which Iowa held the earliest nominating contest?

Notable Quote of the Day

“Obama’s ground game in the 2008 Iowa caucuses was particularly comprehensive — he opened local offices in small towns and rural counties across the state, in addition to the bigger cities — and essential to his eventual victory. Field offices can be crucial in the caucuses: They act as points of coordination for get-out-the-vote activities such as door-knocking and phone calls, which are proven ways to turn out voters.

But the 2020 campaigns, despite some robust field organizations, are not following Obama’s lead in Iowa. Their field office footprint is much smaller: Warren and Biden currently have 24 offices each, the most of any campaign, according to my data. And there are 10 counties in which Obama had an office, but the four front-runners in Iowa — Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren — do not. Based purely on the number and location of field offices, there is little daylight between the top four candidates, and none appear to have a distinctive field strategy.”

– Joshua Darr, FiveThirtyEight



  • Donald Trump raised more than $10 million since last week, according to campaign manager Brad Parscale.

  • Republicans critical of Trump—Steve Schmidt, John Weaver, Jennifer Horn, Rick Wilson, and George Conway—have launched a new super PAC called the Lincoln Project to convince conservative voters to reject Trump.

  • Joe Walsh and Bill Weld spoke at the Unite for Mental Health town hall in New Hampshire on Monday.

Flashback: December 17, 2015

FiveThirtyEight reported on Marco Rubio’s campaign strategy in Iowa, including establishing only one office in the state in a Des Moines suburb.

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