The signature deadline for Ohio indirect initiated state statutes was Friday

No initiative campaigns submitted signatures in Ohio on Friday’s deadline. In Ohio, initiated statutes begin as indirect initiatives, requiring 132,887 signatures in 2020 to go before the Ohio State Legislature. If enough signatures are submitted, the legislature has the option to approve an initiative without a vote of electors. If the state legislature does not adopt an indirect initiative, the initiated statute becomes direct, requiring an additional 132,887 signatures (for a grand total of 265,774) to go before voters in 2020.

The only initiated state statute campaign that was approved by Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost to gather signatures was Ohioans for Gun Safety, which is sponsoring the Ohio Background Checks for Firearm Purchases Initiative. The campaign announced in early December that it is going to target the 2021 ballot instead of the 2020 ballot. Dennis Willard, a spokesperson for Ohioans for Gun Safety, said, “We think that 2021 gives us the best opportunity to have a clear and simple and straight forward conversation with Ohio voters that background checks for gun safety will save lives and reduce gun violence.”

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