Four states with federal candidate filing deadlines in Jan. 2020

Seven statewide filing deadlines for the 2020 federal elections passed before the new year. January will see an additional four statewide ballot access deadlines for the November elections. The following states have their filing deadlines this month:

• Mississippi: January 10
• Kentucky: January 10
• Maryland: January 24
• West Virginia: January 25

Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, California, Texas, Ohio, and North Carolina all had their filing deadlines in 2019. Candidates in Alabama and Arkansas filed in November, and candidates in the remaining states filed in December.

From November 2019 to July 2020, Ballotpedia will cover an average of six statewide filing deadlines each month. November 2019 and February and July 2020 are tied for the fewest with two each. Sixteen states have statewide filing deadlines in March 2020, making it the busiest month for candidate ballot access deadlines for the 2020 elections.

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