Over $6.29 million raised for California Proposition 13 (March 2020), a $15 billion education facilities bond measure

Committees surrounding California Proposition 13, a $15-billion education facilities bond measure that is on the ballot for March 3, 2020, filed their first periodic campaign finance reports on January 23, 2020.

Of the $15 billion in bonds that Proposition 13 would authorize, $9 billion would be for preschool and K-12 schools, $4 billion would be for universities, and $2 billion would be for community colleges.

Californians for Safe Schools and Healthy Learning, also known as Yes on Prop 13, is leading the campaign in support of Proposition 13. An additional four committees organized to support the ballot measure. Together, the five committees raised $6.29 million. The political committee of the California Teachers Association, a labor union affiliated with the National Education Association, provided the largest contribution—$500,000. RMV Community Development, LLC, a real estate firm, contributed $320,000. The California Democratic Party provided $250,000.

There were zero committees registered to spend funds opposing Proposition 13. Opponents include the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

Since September 2019, Proposition 13 has polled between 48 and 54 percent. The Public Policy Institute of California’s (PPIC) most recent poll, which was released on January 15, showed that Democrats and Republicans were divided on the ballot measure. 78% of Democrats, 40% of independents, and 26% of Republicans supported the ballot measure.

Proposition 13 is the largest education-related bond measure proposed in California’s history. Adjusted for inflation, two bond education-related measures—Proposition 55 (2005) and Proposition 47 (2002)—were larger. Proposition 55 issued $12.3 billion ($16.7 billion in real dollars), and Proposition 47 issued $13.05 billion ($18.6 billion in real dollars).

Proposition 13 is the only statewide measure on California’s ballot for March 3. Currently, three citizen-initiated measures are certified for the November ballot in California. Signatures for additional ballot initiatives need to be certified by June 25, 2020. The California State Legislature also has until June 25 to place referrals on the November ballot. Across the U.S., the March 3 election will also feature statewide ballot measures in Alabama and Maine.

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