Democratic pageviews increase ahead of Iowa caucus; Delaney accumulated 62k pageviews by end of his campaign

Each week, we report the number of pageviews received by 2020 presidential campaigns on Ballotpedia. These numbers reflect the time investments of our community of thousands of readers who visit Ballotpedia because they think the candidate is worth knowing more about, whether they believe the candidate has a strong chance of winning or is an unknown who warrants a closer look.

Last week, Bernie Sanders led all Democratic campaigns in pageviews. His campaign page was viewed 3,411 times, equaling 15.8% of pageviews for all Democratic campaigns this week. He was followed by Michael Bloomberg with 13.5% of pageviews and Joe Biden with 13.1%.

All Democratic candidates received more pageviews this week relative to last week. The candidate with the greatest increase from last week was Deval Patrick. His campaign page increased in pageviews by 36.5%. Tom Steyer saw the smallest increase in pageviews relative to last week among Democratic candidates with 7.2%.

The top three Democratic presidential candidates in lifetime pageviews are Andrew Yang with 167,030, Pete Buttigieg with 156,598, and Biden with 151,530. John Delaney, who ended his presidential campaign last week, received 62,196 pageviews since February 2019.

Two of the other three Republican candidates led Donald Trump in pageviews. Trump received 3,069 pageviews, while Joe Walsh received 3,390, Roque de la Fuente received 3,281, and Bill Weld received 2,759.

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