Bernie Sanders receives most, Pete Buttigieg second-most, pageviews during Iowa Democratic caucuses

The Democratic Iowa caucuses were held on February 3, 2020, though the Iowa Democratic Party delayed releasing the caucus results due to quality control issues.

Across the three-day period including the caucuses, from February 2 to February 4, Bernie Sanders led all Democratic candidates in pageviews on Ballotpedia with 3,070, which was 16.1% of all candidates. Buttigieg had the next-most with 2,700 (14.2%), followed by Joe Biden (12.5%), Michael Bloomberg (12.3%), and Andrew Yang (8.9%).

During this three-day period, every candidate other than Buttigieg received his or her most pageviews the day of the caucuses. Buttigieg received the most pageviews the day after the caucuses.

The largest single-day pageview figure was 1,457 pageviews for Sanders on the day of the caucuses, followed by 1,417 pageviews for Buttigieg on the day after the caucuses, and 1,126 for Biden on the day of the caucuses.

Each of the three largest day-over-day pageview jumps occurred between the day before the caucuses and the day of the caucuses. Elizabeth Warren’s pageviews jumped by 67.45% during this time, followed by Joe Biden (67.05%) and Tulsi Gabbard (66.67%).

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