Democratic Iowa caucus results delayed for quality control checks

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February 4, 2020: The Iowa Democratic Party announced that caucus results are delayed due to quality control issues. Donald Trump is delivering the State of the Union address on Tuesday night.        

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Presidential poll highlights, 2019-2020 (Emerson College • New Hampshire • January 31-February 2, 2020)

Notable Quote of the Day

“This fiasco means the end of the caucuses as a significant American political event. The rest of the country was already losing patience with Iowa anyway and this cooks Iowa’s goose. Frankly, it should. The real winner tonight was Donald Trump, who got to watch his opponents wallow in a mess. A lot of good Democratic candidates and people who fought their hearts out here for…nothing.”

– David Yepsen, The Des Moines Register political reporter

Iowa Caucus Results

The Iowa Democratic Party has not yet released the caucus results. The state party announced the delay was due to quality control issues.

Communications director Mandy McClure said in a statement, “We found inconsistencies in the reporting of three sets of results. In addition to the tech systems being used to tabulate results, we are also using photos of results and a paper trail to validate that all results match and ensure that we have confidence and accuracy in the numbers we report. This is simply a reporting issue, the app did not go down and this is not a hack or an intrusion. The underlying data and paper trail is sound and will simply take time to further report the results.”

The following Republican results were based on 99 percent of precincts reporting. Donald Trump won the caucuses and has been allocated at least 38 of the 40 delegates.



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