Buttigieg doubles Nevada staff, Sanders opens five Texas offices


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February 13, 2020: Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders are expanding their operations in Nevada and Texas, respectively. A partial recanvass of the Iowa caucus results will begin on Sunday.blankblankblank

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Notable Quote of the Day

“While the numbers in New Hampshire are promising for Democrats, it is worth noting that the first-in-the-nation primary allows voters registered with neither party to vote in whichever primary they choose. With an uncompetitive primary on the Republican side, independent voters were free to vote in the Democratic primary.

Another caveat, as noted by FiveThirtyEight: In 2020, New Hampshire has around 89,000 more eligible voters than it did 12 years ago. That means 26 percent of eligible voters cast a ballot in a primary this year, compared to 29 percent in the opening contest between Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Edwards in 2008.”

– Adam Raymond, New York Magazine


  • The Joe Biden campaign launched eight organizing groups in Florida on Wednesday focused on different demographic groups, including women, Latino, and Caribbean voters.

  • Rep. Gregory Meeks (N.Y.) endorsed Michael Bloomberg on Wednesday. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Rep. Ted Deutch (Fla.) endorsed Bloomberg on Thursday. The Bloomberg campaign is paying social media influencers to promote memes about his campaign.

  • Pete Buttigieg doubled his staff in Nevada to 100 employees. He also launched a new healthcare-focused ad in the state called “Your Choice.” California Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis endorsed Buttigieg on Thursday.

  • Tulsi Gabbard is continuing to campaign in South Carolina with a town hall and roundtable scheduled Thursday.

  • Rhode Island House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello and Rhode Island Senate President Dominick Ruggerio endorsed Amy Klobuchar on Wednesday. Klobuchar is holding a town hall in Las Vegas on Thursday night.

  • Deval Patrick ended his presidential campaign on Wednesday. He said in a statement that  “the vote in New Hampshire last night was not enough for us to create the practical wind at the campaign’s back to go on to the next round of voting.”

  • The Bernie Sanders campaign is opening five offices across Texas beginning Thursday.

  • Tom Steyer will speak at the 2020 National Faith Forum in Las Vegas on Thursday.

  • The Elizabeth Warren campaign canceled more than $1 million in ads in Nevada and South Carolina and made a $67,000 ad buy in Maine.

  • The Iowa Democratic Party will begin a partial recanvass of the caucus results on Sunday, as requested by the Buttigieg and Sanders campaigns.


  • Donald Trump made endorsements in three Republican congressional primaries in Texas on Wednesday.

  • The Atlantic profiled Bill Weldin an article titled “Why Bill Weld Is Really Running Against Trump.”

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