Dems spar over democratic socialism, foreign policy in Charleston debate

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February 25, 2020: Seven Democratic presidential candidates are debating in Charleston, South Carolina, on Tuesday night. Mike Bloomberg has spent more than $500 million on his presidential campaign.

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“The 2016 Republican and 2020 Democratic primaries have been different. In both instances, the field emerging from Nevada has been roughly the size of a typical Iowa field. The field will likely narrow further after South Carolina, but there is a reasonable chance we will have four or five serious Democrats competing on Super Tuesday.

These sorts of fields are fertile soil for factional candidates to use their basic level of support to take root in the primary field. Trump probably started out with the firm support of around 20-25% of the Republican Party. But because the other votes were spread out over multiple candidates, that 20-25% produced strong showings in early states. Once the candidate wins the early races, it allows him to take hold as a legitimate candidate and then proceed to broaden his appeal.

That’s what happened in 2016, and it’s what is happening in 2020.”

– Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics


  • Joe BidenMichael BloombergPete ButtigiegAmy KlobucharBernie SandersTom Steyer, and Elizabeth Warren are debating in Charleston, South Carolina, on Tuesday night. CBS News and the Congressional Black Caucus Institute are hosting the event.

  • With 100% of precincts reporting, Sanders was allocated 24 pledged delegates in Nevada, followed by Biden with nine and Buttigieg with three.

  • North Carolina Senate and House minority leaders, Dan Blue and Darren Jackson, endorsed Bloomberg on Monday. Bloomberg’s spending in the race has crossed $500 million, averaging $5.5 million a day since he entered the Democratic primary.

  • One of South Carolina’s largest daily newspapers, The Stateendorsed Buttigieg on Monday. Buttigieg made a seven-figure ad buy in 12 of the 14 Super Tuesday states that will begin airing on Tuesday and Wednesday.

  • Klobuchar released a medical report on Monday that said she was in good health and “does not have any health conditions that would impair her ability” to serve as president.

  • Sanders posted to his campaign website a plan for how he would pay for Medicare for All and the Green New Deal. His proposals included a wealth tax, taxes on and litigation against the fossil fuel industry, and reducing defense spending.

  • Massachusetts House Speaker Robert DeLeo endorsed Warren on Monday.


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