Trump launches community centers for black voter outreach

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February 27, 2020: The Trump campaign announced on Wednesday that it is launching 15 community centers targeting black voters in battleground states. Democratic presidential candidates campaign across South Carolina and Super Tuesday states. blank    blankblank   

Democratic Presidential Primary Delegate Count, 2020

These are the projected pledged delegate counts following the Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada caucus and primary events. One delegate from Iowa has not yet been allocated, and a partial recount in the state is ongoing.

Notable Quote of the Day

“Sanders has another strong card: changing demographics. Latinos, whom he won by 33 percentage points in Nevada, are rising as a share of the electorate, while a core Trump constituency — white evangelicals — is in numerical decline. Increasing support for liberals in the Democratic Party is another demographic trend going Sanders’ way. …

And Trump has one other important key advantage: He has already established his norm-busting as the new normal. The fact that Trump is still competitive for re-election in November shows that a significant chunk of voters are willing to accept such behavior. But Sanders still needs to establish that his unconventional political cloak of socialism can be the even newer norm. Put another way, a Sanders presidency would ask the American public to embrace drastic economic and social change in an era of relative peace and prosperity.”

– David Mark, NBC News


  • Joe Biden made a six-figure ad buy focused on southern Super Tuesday states. The ad features President Barack Obama praising Biden during his Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony.

  • Michael Bloomberg began airing a new ad on Wednesday criticizing the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus. He is spending $3.5 million on media targeting black voters.

  • Pete Buttigieg is airing two new television and digital ads in South Carolina featuring his plan to support black communities. Politico reported on Buttigieg’s Super Tuesday delegate strategy, which focuses on smaller media markets like the Austin suburbs, San Diego, and northern Maine. Equality California Votes is spending $100,000 to support Buttigieg.

  • Tulsi Gabbard is holding a town hall in Sterling, Virginia, on Thursday.

  • Amy Klobuchar is attending a roundtable on voting rights in North Carolina on Thursday. She will also participate in a televised town hall from Raleigh on Fox News.

  • Bernie Sanders is holding rallies in Virginia and South Carolina on Thursday.

  • Tom Steyer is campaigning in South Carolina on Thursday.

  • Elizabeth Warren is holding a town hall in San Antonio with Julián Castro. She said she would remain in the race through the convention if no candidate secured a majority of the delegates.


  • The Donald Trump campaign announced on Wednesday that it is launching 15 community centers targeting black voters in battleground states, including Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

  • Bill Weld is campaigning in Vermont on Thursday.

Flashback: February 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton won the South Carolina Democratic primary with 73 percent of the vote.blank

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