Biden wins MI and three other states, Sanders wins ND

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March 11, 2020: Joe Biden won primaries in four states, and Bernie Sanders won North Dakota. Washington is still too close to call. Both candidates canceled rallies Tuesday night in Ohio because of coronavirus concerns. blank    blankblank   

Notable Quote of the Day

“But it’s clear that if [Bernie Sanders] doesn’t pick up more delegates from Biden in the Midwest, he’ll likely find it difficult to find much support elsewhere. The former vice president is poised to pick up huge delegate advantages in the remaining Southern states, like Georgia and Louisiana, due to his strength among African American voters. Florida, another big electoral prize, is projected to be a Biden win.

Though many of Sanders’ supporters say he should stay in the race. After all, there are still over 1,000 delegates up for grabs and soon more progressive states like New York will have the opportunity to weigh in.”

– Alexandra Hutzler, Newsweek

March 10 results

Six states and the Democrats Abroad held events for the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations.

  • Joe Biden was the projected winner in Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, and Missouri. Across all six primaries, he is expected to win at least 184 pledged delegates.

  • Bernie Sanders won North Dakota and is expected to receive at least 115 delegates.

  • Washington is too close to call with 67% of precincts reporting. Sanders and Biden are separated by 0.2%.

  • The Democrats Abroad, which concluded its global primary on Tuesday, are expected to release their results on March 23.

  • President Donald Trump won all Republican primaries. He will finish the night with a cumulative total of least 1,099 delegates. To win the nomination, a candidate needs 1,276 delegates. No other Republican presidential candidate won any delegates last night.

The map below shows the projected winners of the Democratic primaries held yesterday.

The following chart shows the current Democratic delegate scoreboard.

Arizona, Florida, Illinois, and Ohio are holding primaries next week with 577 Democratic pledged delegates at stake. A debate between Biden and Sanders is scheduled to take place Sunday, March 15, in Phoenix, Arizona.


  • Both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders canceled their respective rallies in Cleveland on Tuesday night for public health and safety. It was the first time concerns about the coronavirus led to canceled campaign rallies this election cycle.

  • The Democratic National Committee also announced there will be no live audience at the presidential primary debate in Phoenix on Mar. 15.

  • Biden received nine congressional endorsements from former Michael Bloomberg supporters, including Rep. Pete Aguilar (Calif.), Juan Vargas (Calif.), and Scott Peters (Calif.). Former 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang also endorsed Biden.

  • Biden was also endorsed by Republican Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor. Sterling Heights is in Macomb County, one of 12 Pivot Counties in Michigan.

  • Tulsi Gabbard attended the National League of Cities Congressional City Conference on Tuesday in Washington, D.C.

  • Rep. Mark Takano (Calif.) endorsed Sanders on Tuesday.


  • Donald Trump announced he will travel to Milwaukee on Mar. 19 to launch the “Catholics for Trump” coalition.

Flashback: March 11, 2016

Ben Carson endorsed Donald Trump, and the National Review backed Ted Cruz.blank

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