March 2020 breakdown of state legislative party membership: 52.3% Republicans, 46.9% Democrats

March’s partisan count of the 7,383 state legislators across the United States shows 52.3% are Republicans and 46.9% are Democrats.

There are 7,383 state legislative offices—1,972 state senate seats and 5,411 state representative seats. Republicans hold 3,864 state legislative seats—1,085 senate seats and 2,779 house seats. Democrats hold 3,457 state legislative seats—874 senate seats and 2,586 house seats. Independent or third-party legislators hold 33 seats. Twenty-six seats are vacant.

Both Democrats and Republicans gained five seats since the last monthly state legislative count.

Republicans hold a majority in 61 chambers, and Democrats hold a majority in 37. One chamber (Alaska’s state House) has a power-sharing agreement between the two parties.

At the time of the 2018 elections, 7,280 state legislators were affiliated with either the Republican or Democratic parties. There were 3,257 Democratic state legislators, 4,023 Republican state legislators, 35 independent or third-party state legislators, and 68 vacancies.