A majority of Anchorage ballot measure races too close to call

Voters in Anchorage, Alaska, decided 13 ballot measures at the election on April 7, 2020. With 75% of ballots processed, 10 of the 13 were still too close to call according to the April 8 results update.

Here’s a summary of four notable measures:

Proposition 2, a bond issue for area-wide school capital improvements, was ahead with 58%. The measure would authorize the issuance of $82.833 million in bonds for capital improvements to schools at an area-wide tax rate of $18.45 per $100,000 in assessed property value.

Proposition 11, the Marijuana Consumption at Retail Stores Measure, was defeated with 64% opposed. The measure would have permitted licensed retail marijuana stores to allow inhaling or smoking marijuana, in addition to eating marijuana edibles, within their marijuana consumption areas.

Proposition 12, the City Assembly Size Amendment, which would increase the size of the Anchorage Assembly from 11 members to 12 members, was ahead with 59% in favor.

Proposition 13, the Alcohol Sales Tax Amendment, was ahead by 2,000 votes (52%). The measure would levy a 5% tax on alcoholic beverage retail sales and dedicating revenue from the tax toward (a) police, first responders, and criminal justice personnel, (b) addressing child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence, and (c) programs related to substance misuse treatment and prevention, mental and behavioral health, and homelessness. Proposition 9, which would have enacted a similar tax on alcoholic beverages, was defeated in 2019 with 53.76% opposed.

Below are the unofficial election results for the other measures as of April 8:

• Proposition 1, the Area-wide Access Roads Bond Issue, was ahead with 50.4% in favor.
• Proposition 3, the Roads and Drainage Service Area Bond Issue, was ahead with 58% in favor.
• Proposition 4, the Fire Service Area Bond Issue, was approved with 67% in favor.
• Proposition 5, the Parks and Recreation Service Area Bond Issue, was ahead with 54% in favor.
• Proposition 6, the Metropolitan Police Service Area Bond Issue, was ahead with 56% in favor.
• Proposition 7, the Areawide Facilities Bond Issue, was ahead with 56% in favor.
• Proposition 8, the Areawide Transit and Emergency Services Bond Issue, was ahead with 59% in favor.
• Proposition 9, the Property Tax for Medical Equipment and Systems, was approved with 66% in favor.
• Proposition 10, the Girdwood Valley Service Area Bond Issue, was behind with 53% opposed.

Results will be updated daily until official election results are certified on April 21.

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