Utah Governor Gary Herbert issues executive order requiring out-of-state travelers to complete a travel declaration

On Wednesday, Gov. Gary Herbert (R) issued an executive order requiring all visitors over the age 18 who enter Utah through airports or roadways to complete a travel declaration within three hours of entering the state.

The order goes into effect Friday, April 7.

According to a press release put out by the Governor’s Office, a wireless emergency alert system will be used to send the travel declaration to travelers who cross into Utah. Drivers entering the state will automatically receive a text message with a link to the form. Travelers flying into Utah will receive a card with information to find the form online from airport employees.

The form asks travelers to list their recent travel, and if they have experienced any symptoms similar to those caused by COVID-19.

To date, eighteen states have issued executive orders on interstate travel restrictions. Utah is one of only seven states that has not issued a stay-at-home order.