Biden outraised Trump in April, Trump continues to lead in overall fundraising and cash on hand

Joe Biden outraised Donald Trump by more than two-to-one last month, while Trump had a nearly two-to-one advantage in cash on hand, according to campaign finance reports filed with the Federal Election Commission on May 20.

The Biden campaign raised $43.6 million in April, 88% more than the Trump campaign’s $16.9 million. Biden’s campaign spent 50% more than Trump’s ($12.9 million to $7.7 million). As of April 30, the Trump campaign had 61% more cash on hand than the Biden campaign ($107.7 million to $57.1 million). Trump continues to lead Biden in overall fundraising since the beginning of 2017, having raised 38% more ($262.5 million to $178.4 million).

Biden’s campaign raised 6.6% less in April than it did in March ($43.6 million versus $46.7 million), while Trump’s raised 24.3% more ($16.9 million versus $13.6 million).

Trump’s $262.5 million in overall fundraising is the second-highest figure for any presidential candidate at this point in the past three elections. The only candidate that outraised Trump was Barack Obama (D), who had raised an inflation-adjusted $345.7 million as of May 2008. Trump’s cash-on-hand total of $107.7 million is also the second-highest during this time, bested only by Obama’s inflation-adjusted $132.4 million at this point in his re-election campaign.

Biden and Trump’s combined $441.0 million in fundraising is the second-highest combined total when compared to the past three election cycles. At this point in the 2008 campaign, Obama and John McCain (R) had raised a combined inflation-adjusted $473.2 million.

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