Trump campaign promotes Stepien to deputy campaign manager

Ballotpedia's Daily Presidential News Briefing
May 28, 2020: Trump’s campaign promoted political adviser Bill Stepien to deputy campaign manager. Biden intends to choose a running mate by Aug. 1.

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DPNB campagin ad comparison feature, 2020 ("Deer In The Headlights" - Joe Biden For President)

DPNB campagin ad comparison feature, 2020 ("Joe Biden has destroyed millions of Black American lives" - Donald J Trump)

Notable Quote of the Day

“Buzz is growing about Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s interest in joining former Vice President Joe Biden atop the Democratic presidential ticket, but one of the biggest obstacles she faces is the possibility that her Senate seat could wind up getting filled by a Republican. …

Picking Warren could give Biden a boost in the polls. A Morning Consult/Politico survey released Wednesday found that 26 percent of registered voters said they would be more likely to vote for Biden if he chose Warren, putting her ahead of the other eight women he is said to be considering.

Her greatest impact, according to the survey, would be among voters under the age of 45, as well as black and Hispanic voters — three blocs Democrats see as key to winning the White House and picking up Senate seats.

But picking Warren would likely cost Democrats one of those Senate seats, at least temporarily, if Biden were to defeat President Trump.”

– Alexander Bolton and Amie Parnes, The Hill

Election Updates

  • Joe Biden said that he intends to choose his running mate by Aug. 1.

  • Biden’s campaign hired Obama alum Ashley Allison as national coalitions director and Jason Rodriguez as her deputy. According to The Washington Post, the “new coalitions department [is] modeled on President Barack Obama’s reelection strategy, a campaign expansion that adds more racial diversity to his effort to win the White House.”

  • Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) endorsed Biden. The two participated in a live-streamed discussion about COVID-19.

  • Donald Trump tweeted, “Republicans feel that Social Media Platforms totally silence conservatives voices. We will strongly regulate, or close them down, before we can ever allow this to happen. We saw what they attempted to do, and failed, in 2016. We can’t let a more sophisticated version of that … happen again. Just like we can’t let large scale Mail-In Ballots take root in our Country. It would be a free for all on cheating, forgery and the theft of Ballots. Whoever cheated the most would win. Likewise, Social Media. Clean up your act, NOW!!!!”

  • Trump’s campaign promoted political adviser Bill Stepien to deputy campaign manager and Midwest political director Stephanie Alexander to campaign chief of staff.

Flashback: May 28, 2016

Bernie Sanders said in an interview on Meet the Press that if Hillary Clinton won the Democratic nomination, she would need to pick a progressive running mate who could “excite working families, excite young people, bring them into the political process, create a large voter turnout.”

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