Biden raises $81 million in May

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June 16, 2020: The Joe Biden campaign and two associated Democratic committees raised $81 million in May. Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee had their best online fundraising day on Sunday. blank    blankblank   

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Notable Quote of the Day

“There are always liberal voters in rural, conservative areas — and conservative ones in big cities — but a protest is a public display that can help shift the conversation by allowing people in the political minority to see they are not alone, empowering them and sometimes connecting them into a loose community.”

– Andrew Seidman and Jonathan Lai, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Election Updates

  • The Joe Biden campaign announced it raised $81 million with two associated Democratic committees in May, up from $60.5 million in April.

  • Biden raised $6 million in his largest single-event fundraiser on Monday night. The event was co-hosted by Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

  • Former President Barack Obama will host his first virtual fundraiser with Biden on June 23.

  • Donald Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale said guests at the campaign’s Tulsa rally on June 20 will receive a temperature check, hand sanitizer, and masks before entering the venue. He also said 1 million tickets had been requested for the event; the venue’s capacity is 19,000 people.

  • Trump will hold a rally in Mobile, Alabama, to support Tommy Tuberville for U.S. Senate in July. Tuberville is running against Jeff Sessions, who previously served in the Trump administration as U.S. attorney general.

  • Trump and the Republican National Committee raised $14 million on Sunday, marking the groups’ top online fundraising day.

Flashback: June 16, 2016

Rep. Raul Grijalva, the first member of Congress to endorse Bernie Sanders, switched his support to Hillary Clinton.blank

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